#1 Leila Al-Yousuf

Gonzo Unit @ Twenty-Eight, 4 – 28 July 2012

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Leila’s practice revolves around space and materiality. These traditional components are in some way deconstructed and reassembled within the works that she makes. The works themselves respond directly to each individual site, physically and structurally relying on the space. Forms that weave the shapes of the architecture into the room and divide space; altering the way that people physically move through it. Leila uses materials in a way that focuses on their physical properties, pigment lush within blocks of colour or jelly with a thick translucency and sugary smell. The ingredients are colour and substance, deployed across a space that dictates form. Architecture itself being the canvas on which these fragmented paintings are constructed.

Leila Al-Yousuf @ Gonzo Unit