WEYA @ Gonzo Unit

7 – 16 September 2012

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As part of the global event World Event Young Artists (WEYA), Gonzo Unit present an exhibition featuring the work of five international artists:

Alejandra A. Noriega (Spain)
Alejandra’s work revolves around the metaphysical relationship of the body with its environment. She does this through installations where the video projections are accompanied by “memory” sculptures, that transport the viewer into the space of the action or the action to the viewer’s space. For WEYA Alejandra is exhibiting, video installation, ‘The Big Dinner’.

Graciela Trujillo (Spain)
Graciela’s work is part of an ongoing series of projects investigating the shape of the triangle. Her investigation has led her practice to explore artistic disciplines of public art, sculpture and scale. For WEYA Graciela is making a site-specific installation as a direct response to the space of Gonzo Unit@Twenty-Eight.

Manabu Kanai (Japan)
Manabu’s art practice invents ways of abstracting and describing the world. His practice spans across several media’s from installation, painting, video to computer programming. The most significant thing in his work is not the content but the form of art that is generated by the specificity of media. For WEYA Manabu presents a new piece of work ‘The Model (Movements)’.

Sanjeev Thakur (Phillipines)
Sanjeev is exhibiting a series of images from his on going project Family Ties. This work was also featured at the 2nd Singapore International Photography Festival, the Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan and at the India Habitat Center at the Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India.

Annabelle Ng (UK)
Annabelle’s work draws on many sources, from the chance encounter with the quotidian beauty of the disregarded mechanism to the ambient sound of the city and the wonder of the collision of aural textures. Her work is indebted to the contemporary environment, and at the same time sees the value of the layers of history and memory within the city.


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