b. Rebecca Scofield [Student Solos]

20 – 24 November 2012

IMG_2678  Ladder and Concrete1  IMG_2568 IMG_2520 IMG_2642 IMG_2532 IMG_2651

My practice is focused on the partnering of materials and objects. I am interested in revealing relationships of tension between properties. Through a process of experimentation and manipulation, opposing materials come together in a dialogue discussing ideas of form and function. Notions of play are also prevalent in my work and through the use of Play Doh, balloons, wax crayons and sand, sculptures and interventions are brought together in a narrative of taunt and mimic.

During this residency I have played with the transitional state of materials, processes and assemblage to explore juxtapositions of temporary and permanent, weight and weightlessness, freedom and dependency, whilst also investigating themes of form and colour. The architecture, colours and the readily available objects of the space have influenced my practice and led to a site responsive outcome.