a. Bryony Stringer [Student Solos]

5 – 10 November 2012

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A painting in space; the act of painting informs the making of a sculpture which then grows to become an installation. The highly experimental process of making this work brought together a joy in fabrication and materiality with the sculptural possibilities of painting. The intersections between the various mediums are played with as painting crosses into the three-dimensional. Occupying the space, the work approached by the viewer. The movement of viewers around the work is a primary concern for the composition of the piece. It seeks to prompt an emotive experience by examining the sculpture and object as a method to create an encounter.

The materials used are intended to contribute to that aim, for example the tinfoil wall; it creates an interaction between the physical work, the unclear reflections of the viewers and the colours reproduced in the metallic material. The viewers are drawn into imagery of shifting visions.

An elemental effect is sought in the materials, the arrangement of the paper in forms that seem natural and organic, the effect of light on the semi-translucent paper. The work is both tactile and elusive; the apparent fragility of the material gives it an air of delicacy that contrasts with its low quality material. It tackles notions of the value of the art object; an object is created to have an aesthetic appeal, with great deal of effort over a significant length of time, only to have a temporary period of existence.