c. Sarah Goss [Student Solos]

4 – 8 December 2012

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My work opens a door to situations that are normally kept hidden. My objective is to give the opportunity for consideration and recognition, that what I am presenting is really happening. I use a variety of media to create installations that are lighthearted and can be appreciated aesthetically, but which also give light to something deeper and more brutal. Within my work I am making a political statement; no matter how I digress; this will always be the case. As Orwell is reputed to have said, to tell the truth in a time of deceit is a “revolutionary act.”

My current practice and the work I have developed at Gonzo Unit looks at the dairy industry and society’s dependence on dairy products. Being vegan and having recently become a mother, the relationship between mother and child, dependency, feeding, and the production of milk have become extremely important to me. As a performer within my work, the installation is in some way theatrical, the fabric is hung like curtains on a stage and frames the scene. I use objects and colour symbolically to depict a scene, whilst referencing anarchy, political rallies, and too the parallels in the advertising industry and way’s in which companies convince us to buy their products while remaining ignorant to the product history. The use of repetition, multiscreen and editing process within my work reflects the on going mundane and cyclic activity of the dairy industry and production of milk, whilst portraying an idyllic cow and calf relationship.